Why People Fail Every January

What does it mean to Improve Daily? In the inaugural episode of Improve Daily, performance psychology consultant Galel Fajardo discusses why he fell in love with the concept of improving daily, and how YOU can utilize these concepts to live a healthier, more fun, fulfilling, happy life.

Resources Mentioned in the Show

Mark Howerton, BalancedLifeCounseling.com

Automatic Wealth by Michael Masterson

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

To leave us a comment or send a question about the podcast, please visit http://www.ImproveDaily.com. For more information on Galel, visit http://www.GalelFajardo.com. 

2 Comments on Why People Fail Every January

  1. Well done Galel! Love the idea of improving daily.

  2. Great podcast! Looking forward to following you and learning with you as you progress with this project.

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